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The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators
Now Available: 4th Report of the British Society for Ecological Medicine
(Available to download as a PDF)   

Systems crash at Chineham Burner causes concern

Cutting waste would boost economy

Councils using incinerators look forward to LATS windfall



Despite years of protest, together with reams of evidence indicating how hazardous municipal incineration is to the environment and the well-documented dangers to public health, Basingstoke has once again been betrayed by the Hampshire County Council, who have allowed the building of another waste incinerator, located at the site of the old Chineham incinerator on the Reading Road.   The previous incinerator was closed down in 1996 along with all Hampshire's incinerators for failing to comply with EC emission limits.

Hampshire County Council's waste strategy document (with very limited public consultation) continues with the incineration method of dealing with the majority of our waste and has awarded a 25-year contract to Hampshire Waste Services who are ultimately a French-owned company and have an incineration design & build company within their organisation. 

This has happened, despite the fact that huge advances have been made in waste processing technology over the last decade; alternatives which provide far more eco-friendly, environmentally-sound and cost-effective alternatives.  

Simultaneously, a number of scandals involving incineration (such as the Byker Scandal in Newcastle, where highly toxic fly-ash was spread over the footpaths of allotments near Byker and the use of toxic ash as a composition material of breeze blocks, used to build new houses!) have been entirely ignored by the Hampshire County Council.

The Council even went so far as to hand over the responsibility of many aspects of the required public consultation to Hampshire Waste Services, before the planning application was even presented for consideration - the metaphorical equipment of giving the fox the keys to the chicken run!

The HCC waste strategy document set out 3 sites for the construction of new incinerators; Chineham, Marchwood and Portsmouth. The first of the planning applications was approved for Chineham because according to the HCC report, "Community objection is perceived to be small".

This web-site has been produced from information freely available in the public domain (sources include respected scientific studies, environmental measurements and EC & World Health Organisation directives). Although a significant portion of the website material relates specifically to the Chineham incinerator, there is additional material highlighting the concerns regarding municipal incineration in general and many links to other websites, which actively campaign against incineration and provide information on the many alternatives now available and in use throughout the world. 

These pages are regularly updated as more and more new information comes to light. See our STOP PRESS page for the most recent updates. Also check out the PRESS RELEASES page for the latest information from Basingstoke MP Andrew Hunter.


Latest News!

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